Saturday, July 22, 2006

Who said alcohol doesn't solve problems?

While I don't advocate excessive drinking, I do believe there are some benefits from alcohol. And if alcohol can be made to taste good, well, then bottoms up!
One of the most common Chinese alcohol drinks is rice wine soup. I remember first tasting this as a kid and I hated it! Of course, I was only seven at the time and the sweet, fermenty alcoholic taste was foreign to me. Since then, I have grown quite fond of this sweet concoction and always have a supply ready in the fridge so that when I need a little boost of happiness, I can reach for the fridge and cook up some sweet wine soup.

Normally I boil some homemade tang yuan (glutinous rice balls filled with any choice of sweet fillings) into the soup, along with an egg and sugar. Today I realized that I had a peach in the fridge that looked really lonely and I thought, "why not?" peaches and wine go together, right? Indeed they do make a perfect match.

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karlsfoodie said...

hi hi i like this dish too.. like u i also alwasy have the rice wine residue in fridge for this.. add a bit of osamathus tea leaves the fragrance is fantastic