Thursday, July 20, 2006

Simplicity, the delicious taste of easy to make foods

As much as I love trying out new recipes, sometimes I just don't have time to carefully measure out the ingredients and study the techniques of each new dish. That's why people have their own "default" meals, quick ingredients that can be thrown together with minimal preparation without any compromise on taste. Here are some of my default, simple dishes.

Panini Sandwiches.

Quite possibly the easiest, most satisfying sandwhiches. Who doesn't love the combination of toasty bread, enclosing a mouthful of warm, thinly sliced turkey and roast beef meats, the sweet yet slightly tart suprise of the tomato slices, all coated richly with the melted gooey goodness of cheddar cheese? Using the grill pan that I initially bought for grilling meats, I have discovered a new joy of using that tool as a panini press to make the indentation marks for sandwhiches. It tastes only 5 minutes to warm up the grill and about 5 minutes to grill the sandwhich. Each grill pan will need different times, of course, but once you hear the sizzle of the cheese as it slides over the meat and bread and hits the hot grill, you know your wonderful sandwich is only seconds away from being devoured!

Fried Rice

Which asian person does not know how to make fried rice? Every asian that I've met claims that he/she or his/her mom makes the best fried rice. I'm not competiting for the best fried rice, as I know that everyone's standards are different (trust me, my friends have actually had a fried rice contest and no one will ever say that someone else's fried rice is better than their own!) Everyone has a different version: some with soy sauce, others with curry, some add expensive ingredients like seafood while others toss in random leftovers from the fridge. I like mine simply with some ham, edamame beans, eggs, and salt. Too simple, you might say? Well, read the title of this post again :)

Cabbage stir fry

Sometimes a simple veggie stir fry is comfort food enough. With some dried red peppers to bring out some heat, the natural flavor of the cabbage shines through and reveals the its own unique taste.

So there ya go. Simple foods I eat on a busy day.

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evan said...

you sure are a good cook diddy! i can just drool by looking at them. but too bad i'm ill now, so i just don't hv the appetite for anything (except canned fruits) hehe. well, i definitely don't claim to make the best fried rice coz i've eaten much better ones! i used to hv prob getting the egg into flaky bits. mine used 2b sticky yellow fried rice which tasted quite horrible. but now i think i've improved. dig a hole in the middle of the rice, fry the eggs a little b4 i cover up with the rice. easy peasy!

oh yes i love your panini sandwiches as well. gooey cheese is what i love most. yums!