Friday, July 14, 2006

cantonese style mooncakes

I made these last year, a little too late for mooncake festival as I didn't get my mooncake moulds until later. The process can be pretty involved if you choose to make everything from scratch, such as the sugar syrup and fillings. If you wish to buy premade syrup and filling, the process will be a lot faster, however, I think that it's probably worth making your own if you're going to go through the prcoess of making these in the first place, since the taste will be a lot better.

I got the recipe from Jo at and it is a success! I had to make my own syrup since I could not find any. The recipe below is for the syrup solution.

Golden Syrup:
600 g sugar
500 g water
A few lemon slices
2 Tbsp molasses

Boil the sugar and water on low heat until thick and golden, then add 2 tbsp molasses and 1 tsp vanilla.


bossacafez said...

hi diddy, just bloghopping. you love mooncakes don't you? they look absolutely yummy! i'm a foodie myself too, do check out my blog if u hv a little time to spare =) take care and see ya around soon!


bossacafez said...

hey diddy, thx for linking me up! let me do the same too. hope to see more of your postings soon =) cheers!

diddy said...

Thanks for dropping by evan! Your post looks so lovely as well!