Friday, September 08, 2006

Sesame balls with black sesame paste

These deep fried sesame balls are a common staple in Chinatown and in Dim Sum restaurants. Now, when made and fried correctly, they're suppose to have a crisp outer shell that protects the sweet, chewy skin. The skin encloses a pleasantly sweet suprise, usually made of red beans. I was really craving these so I set out to fry my own tonight (what better way to spend a friday night than to deep fry in your kitchen anyway!) Wanting to try out the black sesame version that TT shared in Jo's blog, I ventured out to the store to buy some black sesame seeds. Now, I had to modify TT's recipe a bit since I couldn't find the pre-ground kind, but I'm sure it should be similar tastewise. After making the dough, shaping, rolling them in white sesame seeds, and finally frying, I was a little dissapointed with the outcome. As you can see in the picture, most of the sesame seeds came off during the frying process! Also, the balls did not expand evenly even though I tried to apply pressure to all sides of the ball as it was frying. Tastewise, I thought it was alright, I mean, I achieved the marriage of crisp and chewy, however, just was not as picture perfect like those sold in restaurants. I'll keep experimenting, but if anyone has had success, please share because I definately want to try again!

Here's TT's recipe for the black sesame paste:
200 grams black sesame powder
150-200 grams sugar
150 grams water
3 tbs oil
1 tbs koh fun

1. Mix the water with the powder and let sit until it has absorbed the liquid
2. Stir fry the powder solution with sugar for 10-15 minutes. Add in the rest of the ingredients until the consistency is as thick as you want it

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