Saturday, September 16, 2006

My BBM Package!!!!

So I was sitting in front of my laptop working on a presentation I have to give later the week when my doorbell buzzer rang.
"I have a couple of packages for you, ma'am" says the postal guy
"A couple?" I thought? I'm only expecting 1 package from my fiance. I open the door and I see a huge box, with legs sticking out under it. See, the box was so big I couldn't even see the mail man's head!
"BBM! I said outloud!" I grabbed the stuff from the mail man and immediately grab a knife to cut open the package. Whatever in this box was certainly heavy! (Poor mail man, he had to walk up 3 flights of stairs to get to my apartment!)
Indeed, it was from Faith at from

Either I was too eager to rip open the package that my fingers were too fumbly, or Faith has a degree in wrapping up packages because it took me quite a while to get through the tape :) Ooooh, but whatever was in the box smelled soooo good! I could tell it was something slightly nutty, sweet and sugary just by the whiffs I got as I tried to tear open the box. Finally! I got it open and you can see how well faith packaged it up with care!
There were soooo many goodies in there! Here's a pic of some of the stuff she sent:

The first thing I saw (and ate!) were These monster cookies
They were sooooo good! How did she know I love the combination of oatmeal, peanut butter, and chocolates? After quickly eating 1, I grabbed another and dangled it in my mouth as I fervently opened up the rest of the goodies. I saw a wooden box with a few cans in it. Quickly, I lifted out the heavy box (my workout for the day to compensate for all the goodies I ate later!) and found homemade strawberry jam, muscadine jam (never tried that! Can't wait to put it on toast tomorrow morning!), garam masala blend, chai tea mix, garbanzo beans, and a cute little strainer! Each item had its own little ID tag with instructions too! What a great idea! I'm sure this must've taken a lot of time to do!
But that's not all....
In a separate tub, there were more homemade goodies! I opened it up and found a roll of earl grey tea cookies! I've never tried it before but they looked so pretty I had to quickly finish the dangling cookie from my mouth and try one. Trust me, they are dangerously addictive. Addictive because I did not stop at one. I won't mention how many I had b/c Faith might think I'm a pig when she reads this :) She was too sweet and also baked a coconut bread for my Fiance! Luckily I'm going to go visit him in 2 days so I'll bring the bread to him! I know he'll love it! (Good thing faith wrote, "to your fiance" on the tag or else I'd probably would have ate my way through that before I thought about sharing!"
She also made some candied pecans, following my recipe for candied walnuts! Wow! Hers were sooo good! (Yes! Of course I tried like, 4 pieces, waaayy too addicting as well!) She added some extra spices that gave it a spicyish kick to it. Very nice, I'll have to try adding some spices next time!
Just when I thought I found everything....

I haven't had baklava in the longest time but they were sooo good! Yeah, if you look at the picture you'll see the many missing pieces...that...I...ate....Faith must've known my love of nuts because she included walnuts and pistachios and many other yummy flavorings!
Thanks so much Faith!


faith said...

Hurray! It all got through safe. I was worried - so much glass to break! :-) I'm glad you liked it, Dianna! It was a blast to put it together.

One note I forgot about the coconut bread: it freezes great (I freeze it in big individually wrapped slices) and then it's even better toasted cause the coconut gets all toasty and crispy. (try with Nutella - crazy good - prob more dessert than breakfast!!) So, that's one way to make it last a little longer too.

diddy said...

thanks so much Faith! It must've taken forever to put together! I love how you made tags for each item too! My apartment smells like a bakery right now with all the cookies and baklava and nuts on the table!

evan said...

how i envy u! wish i could take part in a BBM too.

Gracio said...

wow! I wish someone can dhl to me too... missing all the sg food from here. Btw, are u from sg? currently staying abroad?


diddy said...

Evan, BBM is a great idea! I highly highly recommmend signing up for it next time! I'm already looking forward to the next one :)
Gracio, I'm orginally from china but came here really young with my family. I would love to visit sg someday! i hear it has really yummy food!

michelle said...

how wonderful! everything you got looks soooooo yummy