Sunday, August 27, 2006

Coconut Filled Animal Mooncake

Since this food blog started 2 months ago, I think about a fourth of my post have been about mooncakes! Okay, so I'll try to be a little more diverse from now on, but I just had to make another round of mooncakes! My fiance really likes coconut flavored treats, and I've been searching high and low for coconut filled mooncakes. I was inspired after browsing through Kuali, however, did not have some of their ingredients, so I experimented by substituting some of the missing elements and also changed the proportions quite a bit according to what I liked. Afterwards, it became quite a different recipe, but I think it turned out quite well! The cute animal shaped mooncakes were inspired by Yochana, who posted her beautifully decorated pigs on Jo's website! (Hers are way more pretty and elaborate than mine!) I also feel bad eating them because I got quite attached to them while making them, but better to get eaten than to get old and moldy later on! The recipe below is for the filling, which made enough for 25 mini mooncakes.

Coconut Filling
150 grams Desiccated coconut
75 grams sugar
100 mL water
100 mL coconut milk
30 grams cornstarch
2 egg yolks
3 Tablespoon butter

1. Heat water and sugar in a small pan until sugar is dissolved
2. Stir in the remaining ingredients, making sure to gently incorporate the eggs to avoid scrambling the yolks
3. Stir on medium/low heat for 15-20 minutes. Chill well before shaping into balls for mooncake filling


Jackson said...

wow...look nice but i can tell you, i will never eat themcoz the piggie are just so cute! Do u actually sell it?

Gracio said...

they look really cute!! Keep up the good job! ;)

diddy said...

Hi Jackson and Gracio! Haha, I don't think I work fast enough with my fingers or have enough patience to be able to sell them! Besides, selling them for profit would take away the fun of making them for friends!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Very cute piggy and penguine! Very nice mooncakes you have there!

evan said...

awwwww diddy, they're so cute!! you're really good with your hands =)

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Woah! the animals look really cute! I think I'm going to make a piggy one for my gf this mooncake festival! :)

Angie said...

Diddy, very cute mooncakes you have there!

diddy said...

Thanks little corner of mine! I'm going to try to make more animal shapes next time! Evan, I'm not sure I'm that good with my hands...more like more time on my hands! The yummy dummy, thanks for stopping by! Do try to make it for your gf! I'm sure she'll be so touched!

yochana said...
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